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Reasons to use a professional Land Rover specialist

So your Discovery or Range Rover needs engine work and you need to get it done correctly, or risk further trouble soon thereafter? As the author of this article found out to his cost and considerable inconvenience, taking the vehicle to your “friendly local mechanic” might just NOT be the right solution.

For example, a “simple” change of radiator seemed like a job for a local mechanic, until that is, the oil warning light refused to extinguish. Happily, I declined the mechanic’s offer to remove the engine for further inspection but after further work by the same mechanic, the vehicle was towed to a different workshop where (wait for it) 15 litres of oil was drained from the engine and no. I do not put it there!

The main issue is the need for specific knowledge of Land Rovers. True, they are merely variations of similar vehicles, but a Land Rover specialist will very likely have come across the problem before and will know what is required. He will also have the equipment and parts needed to do the job. Not knowing the specifics and/or ordering the wrong part will inevitably cause delays at best and potential future failures at worst when the replacement part does not quite fit or is damaged under load.

Certainly when it comes to appropriate equipment, the average mechanic is most unlikely to know that a full body lift is needed to perform any serious work on the engine of a late-model Disco or Range Rover. The picture below shows how the pros do it – and they know from experience precisely how.

body_removed 1 body removed 2

The best solution is to engage in a serious dialogue with a workshop with proven practical experience in modification and upgrade work - certainly available from the specialists at Graeme Cooper Automotive.

This article is one of many written by ASPAC Consulting,in collaboration with the technical experts at Graeme Cooper Automotive. To download it in PDF format, click Reasons to use a pro Land Rover speciaiist.pdf


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