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New articles covering various aspects of Land Rover maintenance are added regularly – but please remember that due to the amount of detail, these are only accessible on a desktop/tablet and NOT on a mobile phone.

Here are a few extracts – read the full articles at (lots to choose from)

More is not Better

Topping-up your radiator – or the brake reservoir – or the engine or transmission oils?  Do not fooled into thinking that the more you add the better will be the result.

Sensors built into virtually every vehicle system are designed to measure fluid level relative to a specified range. Outside that range, whether too low or too high is likely to be read as a fault and depending on how critical it is to system performance, at best it may trigger warning lights, but at worst can shut down the system completely.

Emulsified Oil in Coolant

Either engine or transmission oil entering the cooling system is not good news and if not rectified promptly will block cooling passages, cause the engine to overheat, destroy the transmission and /or other things that may conceivably upset your day as well as your bank account.

Threads ain’t threads

Just like the old ad claiming “Oils Ain’t Oils” just try matching an existing bolt or stud with a suitable nut.  Anyone attempting to do this is in for an interesting time.

UNC, UNF, Metric, Whitworth. BSF are just the starting categories and there are variations even within each category. Also, we have not even started to think about the variations in the threads that apply to tubing and whether you need brass, steel or high-tensile. The choices will be daunting.

The moral of the story is (as usual) do your homework first by identifying the model, year and VIN of your vehicle before contacting a specialist Land Rover shop to obtain the correct part you need..