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  1. I lent my keys to someone to get their tools out of the back and……

    The tailgate handle (and number plate light) assembly has come off during opening, after obviously having been glued by a previous owner. The black and one of the two blue wires has torn from the plug nearest the handle. They have come out of the connector pins in the plug.

    Is it possible to source and fit a replacement part (keeping the same key would be good) or to reassemble the wiring and drill & bolt it all back in in place?
    the door is still locked closed.

    • No there is not any wiring available the customer would have to repair the wiring or buy a new handle which is $391.85.
      With a new handle you do not get a new barrel in it,so yes he will keep the same key by using his barrel.

  2. I look like getting about 30k out of the factory 235/55 r19 105V continental cross contact tyres. Seems a bit short to me, I only drive at 105kph on open country roads, little dirt and less offroad. Any suggestions as to the best replacements?

    • Apologies for the delay – it has taken some time to geta an answer. Ward’s response is as follows:

      Try Michelin Lattitude. Might be better. Very limited tyres available for 19” wheels and they are universally considered sports tyres and so are soft compound rubber

  3. what a great website 🙂 i just purchased a 2001 freelander SE V6 …. I have had the car now for a week and the coolant has been leaking out of the overflow and also it has leaked on the floor of the garage….the colour of the coolant is cloudy (milky) in colour…..I have checked the oil to see if the milky colour has entered into oil which it has not?……it also seems to skip a little everynow and then when it (auto) changes from 1st to 2nd gear??? or it will rev high until it finds the the gear…..this freelander only has 110,000kms on it and just wondering what it might me?

    cheers Brad

    • G’Day Brad

      Thanks for the compliments. Actually, a new version of the site is nearing completion so “stay tuned”

      I have referred your problem to Ward for comment but the first thing you certainly need is a pressure test and proper diagnosis because you cannot leave this problem without potentially serious damage. Where are you located?



      • Sounds unfortunately as if he has bought something he shouldn’t have.Likely has liner fault causing oil in water transferring at head gasket and beginning of transmission fault causing harsh/erratic shift.Both or either repairs are high cost items.Suggest as you have referred for accurate diagnosis before slashing wrists.

        Regards Ward.

        • got my landrover back from the dealer whom i purchased it from…..seems the gear box was no good, the dealer replaced the gear box, in a stroke of luck the transmission garage who replaced it forgot to put the service book back in the car…..which was great because I got to speak direct to the owner of the garage and he also gave me a 2 year guarantee on it….he said the head gasket were fine and let me look at the report…..seems there are a few good used car dealers around after all…….best $500.00 i ever spent on a deluxe warranty ever… cover all repairs


  4. I have been on overseas sites and they seem to recommend changing the camshaft sensor in my TD4 if warm starting problems occur. My car starts perfectly when cold however, when warm, starts intermittently. Engine turns over fine, fuel pumps appear to be working, it will sometimes catch but not start. Only solution when this occurs appears to be to wait for 15 or so minutes and it will start. I have removed sensor and cleaned the sensor as well as connections, it started fine for about a fortnight but then same problem again. Land Rover has quoted $340 for a replacement, is this correct, or is after market available?

    Hope you can help.

      • Thanks Alan and Ward, unfortunately the $@!^&% just wouldn’t start, so I went ahead and bought the sensor (not from a dealer), all is well, touch wood!
        I would add that contrary to popular belief my 2001 TD4 has been a great vehicle, very comfortable on long trips and plenty of oomph on the open road.

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