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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone would know the speaker rating, ie, ohms and watts, of the bottom front door speakers for a RRC 1992 model. I would like to replace the existing ones as they are starting to rattle.


      • I finally replaced the existing speakers, which were 5.25″ and rated at 4 ohms. I took p38arover’s advice and purchased the the Jaycar Response 5.25″ co-axial speakers rated at 50W RMS @ 4 ohms. Fairly simple to install I might add, and the sound quality is pretty good, considering I’m still using the standard Eurovox head, which is next on the agenda.

        Anyone have any thoughts on a decent head unit?


  2. Can anyone tell me what color wire to use for constant 12v for my new stereo. I cant seem to find one. Anyone have a wiring diagram for a 1978 audio? I have a Haynes book but it is so vague. It says “typical” audion wiring diagram and it doesnt look correct.
    Or, let me know what constant 12v to tap off of. Thanks

    • Finding an existing wire is easy with a multimeter – just turn off the ignition and find a live connection under the dash or the seat. However, chasing the circuit is not so simple so I would run a completely new wire from the battery via a fuse. You will probably find that you need a permanent “on” for the system memory, plus an ignition switched line. Look at for more information



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