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  1. I hope I am posting this on the correct page location.

    I just owned a 94 Discovery 1 auto petrol. I am experiencing this issue that could be familiar to others on this blog and you all may give me some ideas on what it would be.

    At times the car suddenly drops the speed down to 60km then 40km then all the way down 20km and feels like the hand brake is on and the brake pedal feels so solid. The speed does not go higher then that even if I put the accelerator pedal down, the revs go higher but speed slows down dramatically. When it comes to a stop it is very hard to move it. At this stage the reverse gear doesn’t work at all and brake pedal is so hard that you need extra force on the foot to push it.

    I normally pulled to the car to the side and wait for about 45 mins to an hour (more then 30 mins) then start it up again and it all comes back to normal.

    What is going on? The last mechanic that checked and found nothing wrong with it but reckons it could be something to do with brake vacuum or could be the transmission or could be both.

    Please help!

    • Sounds like it could be not enough free play in the brake pedal.has it had a booster or brake master cylinder?may not have clearance /push rod to m/cylinder.

      Regards Stuart.

  2. Thanks Admin. I got the car just two weeks ago and don’t if there was any work done on the brake booster or brake master cylinder. I have booked it with the Land rover specialist for them to have a look. I will mention to them regarding the brake booster. By the way, I am in Central Queensland and I think there is only one Land rover specialist around here, just lucky enough have one in Rockhampton, where I am.
    Thanks again for your prompt response and advise. First time on this post and first time owner of a Land Rover and much appreciate your support.

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