When all else fails – read the directions – twice

Range Rover Classic – Swapped the main battery for a new one. Very simple job yes?  Well it is if you do not disturb all the relay wiring hanging off the clamps. Tested it – no high beam or driving lights. Low beam is OK.. Must have shorted something  F*#&k!

Start with the simple things -the fuses. The book says fuse A2 – nothing wrong with it. Removed the battery again, Checked the wiring and switch with a multi-meter, changed the relay, Can’t find the fault. Did it all again

One hour later, went back to the book and this time, read down the whole list of fuse functions. Well, well, the A2 fuse is supposed to power only the LEFT side  headlights but there is also an A8 fuse that powers the RIGHT hand headlights.  You guessed it – blown!  It appear someone had previously run both sides together.

Now fixed – and the moral of the story – read the directions!