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The earlier Range Rovers and the Discovery 1 and 2 models remain favorites with many owners of the marque. Partly, this is due to them being far simpler than later models and are arguably better suited to off-road work. After all, who wants to risk major damage to a $100K vehicle? However, in basic form,the engines of the older models are not especially powerful and the suspension and drive train can be greatly improved.

Graeme Cooper Automotive have decades of experience working on and upgrading these machines to provide optimum performance. The list below indicates a few of the possible upgrades

Part No (if applicable)
Petrol engines & upgrades
  3.9 Litre V8 Discovery Engine. 
  130 Kw at 4750RPM & 300Nm torque at 3100RPM plus. This is a good option for repowering a tired 3.5 V8. This engine may also have better economy than a 3.5 V8 due to more torque providing more relaxed acceleration. The 3.9 can also be upgraded with stepped liners and high-compression pistons
  3.5 Litre V8
  In stock condition, it delivers 105Kw at 4750RPM plus. 250 Nm at 3100 plus. Suits as replacment for any existing V8 model and remans a favorite with some owners. It can be upgraded or swapped for a 3.9 engine.
  4.6 Litre V8 H.S.E. Engine. 
  These are the units fitted to the P38 HSE models. They deliver 165 Kw at 4750 RPM plus. 380 Nm at 3000 RPM plus. Driven conservatively, this engine can return better fuel figures than a 3.9 EFI. The best upgrades for these engines consist of fitting stepped liners and high compression pistons
Exhaust systems
  Extractors - 3.9 round tube crossmembers
    Range Rover classic extractors to suit 3.9l model with the round tube cross member.
  Extractors for 3.5 & early 3.9 square crossmembers
  These extractors are to suit all 3.5lt and 3.9lt with the square tube cross member,up to 1990.
Heater Tubes 
  Stainless steel heater tubes are a rust-resistant replacement for the standard units. These tubes will fit V8 Range Rover from 1988 to 1994 .Comes complete with mounts.
  Coolant Monitoring
  Coolant monitoring system.This unit can be installed into most vehicles.
Drive components - Classic
  Maxi drive axle flanges 
  Maxi drive axle flanges can be fitted to the front or rear of most vehicles. These flanges are 30% stronger than the original axle caps.
  Diff ratio set
  4.11 diff ratio sets, front is a reverse helix.Thicker and much stronger than standard crown wheel & pinion. Only sold in pairs.
  Borg Warner viscous coupling
  The ultimate in smoothness and quietness. Can be fitted to most Rover 5 speeds or automatic gearboxes.
Transfer case 
  Different ratios are available to complement any engine option. New , second hand and refurbished transfers are also available.
  5 Speed Manual: LT 77, LT77S, R380 Syncho Rev
  This transmission can be fitted to any Rover V8 4 speed manual vehicle. One of the transfer case options will need to be used in conjunction with these separate gearboxes.
  4 Speed ZF Automatic: Petrol
  This is a popular conversion for early 3 speed torqueflite automatic vehicles or simply to swap from manual to auto.

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